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Four Axis Robot IRB 760

Updated: Aug 31, 2023

Four-axis IRB 760 robot

The four-axis robot can carefully and quickly move and rotate huge, heavy goods.

It fits perfectly into existing lines thanks to its small size.


more rapid cycle times

  • For full-layer palletizing and press tending, the IRB 760, the fastest robot of its class, may drastically reduce cycle times and boost production.

  • This four-axis robot can handle big objects and whole pallet layers thanks to its 3.2-meter reach and 450-kilogram payload capability.

  • With its extended reach and high torque wrist, it can complete 880 cycles per hour when fully loaded (400 mm, 2000 mm, 400 mm cycle).

Press-tending robot IRB 760PT

Press-tending robot IRB 760PT

  • The IRB 760PT is a flexible press tending robot designed for press automation applications in the car industry.

  • Its cycle times are 25% faster than those of similar robot-based press automation solutions.

  • By reducing the need to rotate parts between repeated stamping operations, its 3.18 meter reach, in addition with a linear seventh axis or with the Twin Xbar system, enables users to make the best use of available space and save money.

extremely precise movements

  • The IRB 760 family's advanced motion control software, Quick Move TM and

industrial robot base

True Move TM, ensures that palletizing and press tending are performed with smooth movements and maximum path accuracy.

  • This implies that even the most sensitive products will be handled carefully without reducing cycle time.

Low ownership costs and higher productivity

  • High availability and low maintenance costs are ensured by the robot's strong and inflexible architecture, which was created to automobile industry requirements.

  • Integrated process cabling is another element of the IRB 760 family that improves reliability and saves wear.

  • The IRB 760 series is additionally covered by Robot Care, a service plan that includes Connected Services. Through these services, specialists may monitor robots and recommend improving their performance to further improve productivity and keep high OEE.

  • The easiest technique to increase the return on investment for robot systems is through offline programming.

industrial pick and place robot

  • Robot Studio, a simulation and offline programming tool, enables robot programming on a PC at the office without interrupting operation.

  • Robot Studio gives you the resources you need to make your robot system more effective by allowing you to carry out operations like training, programming, and optimization without interrupting production.

pick and place industrial robot

Main applications

  • Full layer palletizing

  • Palletizing

  • Depalletizing

  • Material handling

  • Press tending

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