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Gantry Robots for Industrial Automation

Updated: Aug 28, 2023

Gantry robots compose from X-axes, Y-axes, and an optional Z-axis which known as cartesian or linear robots

linear cartesian robot
  • They operate more quiet and smooth than recirculating ball bearings due to self-lubricating plastic liners glide instead of roll

  • in addition Gantry robots are lightweight, safe, quiet, corrosion-resistant, and require no maintenance

gantry robot

  • They may be readily controlled using our free robot controller software, have a quick return on investment (ROI), and cost up to 40% less than conventional gantry robots.

robust linear gantry robot
  • Our gantries are best to use in applications with two different sets of characteristics, such as low speeds with heavy loads or high speeds with light loads.

  • additionally Maintenance-free, easily adjustable, automated gantry solutions for industrial automation

Linear robot pick and place


  • Maintenance-free, lightweight & self-lubricating

  • Resistant to dirt, dust & corrosion

  • Clean, quiet & modular

  • Free on-site consulting, testing & design

  • System construction kit

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