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Four Axis IRB 460

Updated: Aug 28, 2023

Four Axis IRB 460

palletizer robotic high speed

  • The portable IRB 460 is the world's fastest palletizing robot. For bag palletizing and end-of-line palletizing applications, the IRB 460 is ideal.

  • The 4-axis robot is the fastest of its kind and can easily be fit into existing packing lines because to its small footprint

IRB 460 robot


  • Palletizing

  • de-palletizing

  • material handling

key qualities

more rapid cycle times

  • The IRB 460 is the fastest palletizing robot in the world, increasing productivity for end-of-line and bag palletizing by considerably reducing cycle times.

  • This small, four-axis robot has a reach of 2.4 meters and a 110-kilogram payload capacity.

  • It can perform up to 2,190 cycles per hour with a 60 kg load. That is 15% faster than its closest competitor

high-caliber motions

  • The IRB 460 makes use of unique QuickMoveTM

industrial robot pick and place

and TrueMoveTM motion control software to ensure that palletizing is done with smooth motions and excellent path accuracy.

  • This guarantees that even

the most sensitive products will be handled carefully without losing cycle time

Greater productivity with a smaller footprint

  • Compared to rival robots with comparable speeds and payloads, the IRB 460's small form enables pallets to be put 20% closer to the machine.

  • Productivity can improve by up to 3% just due to this reason.

Low ownership costs and higher productivity

  • High uptime and low maintenance costs are guaranteed by the robot's powerful and stiff build, which was created to automobile industry requirements.

  • Integrated process cabling is another feature of the IRB 460 that benefits to a longer life and less wear.

stretching industrial robot
  • We also provide RoboCare, a fixed-price three-year service program that guarantees problem running of your robots.

  • This package comes with the unique wireless Remote Services, which allows specialists to keep an eye on robots and provide improved maintenance to further increase production.

  • quicker and simpler programming

RobotStudio with Palletizing PowerPac, a user-friendly tool that runs on a basic

PC , enables users to design palletizing installations and develop programs and simulations without any prior knowledge of robot programming.

  • The software decreases programming time by up to 80% by being used to "configure" palletizing systems as compared to developing them.

full-service palletizing options

  • The fastest robotic bag palletizing system in the world may be created by combining the IRB 460 high speed palletizer with the FlexGripper - Claw and RobotStudio with Palletizing PowerPac.

  • When all factors work together, path accuracy is maximized to ensure that your products will be handled not just quickly but also very carefully.

  • Palletizing won't ever be a problem with robot system, not today and not in the future.

  • IRC5 or OmniCore V250XT controllers power the IRB 460.

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