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Shipping Policy

Our products that we serve are delivered only through Turkey.

Orders are not accepted for any delivery address outside of Turkey.

The ordered products are sent to the delivery address specified by the customers.

Shipping Process

Information about whether the product received from the order is in stock, preparation of the order, billing are indicated on our website

The processes of receiving the order, preparing it, delivering it to the cargo are accepted to be outside of weekends and public holidays. Provided that the address entered when placing the order is correct, the products are sent to the specified address

Delivery Times and Costs

Possible delivery times are notified to the customer during the order process. The shipping cost is calculated according to the delivery method. Paid October 2019 If free shipping is not offered for the purchased products, the shipping costs will be paid by the customer in addition to the price of the products.

Delivery Terms

When the purchased product or products arrive at the customer's address by cargo, they will be delivered to the customer in exchange for the presentation of the identity document and signature. In case the customer is not present at the relevant address, our customers should procure their product from the cargo branch as soon Jul.

Delivery Problems

When ordering the product that the customer wants to buy, he is informed about the average delivery date when he arrives at the cargo department before confirming the order. The delivery date is made no later than 30 days. for deliveries exceeding 30 days, customers must give official notification to the seller to deliver the product within the most reasonable time. In case the product or products are not delivered for the specified period, the customer will be able to cancel the order. Pays payable as a result of this, the seller will pay back to the customer the total amount that the customer has paid for the product or products received by the customer.The seller is responsible until the product is delivered to the customer. Customers have a 3-day period to provide feedback to the carrier about damage or losses that may occur during delivery.

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