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The NX5 modular controller integrates control, information and safety, providing a new level of speed to manufacturing sites. Speed up all processes from commissioning to operation and maintenance.


Key features 

  • Direct connection to a database as standard feature, with no special unit, software, or middleware required. Support for stored procedure calls and secure communications functionality. 
  • OPC UA server built-in as standard feature, variable structures are supported 
  • Cloud direct connection: MQTT(S) communications are supported using MQTT Communication Library 
  • Large memory for data handling. 260 MB for variables 
  • Built-in network connectivity, 2x Ethernet (1 Gbps) ports + 1 EtherCAT. 
  • Used in conjunction with NX-SL5 Safety Control Unit to build a large-scale safety system (CIP Safety: Up to 254 connections) 
  • Up to four NX-EIP201 network units. It can expand the number of Ethernet ports up to 10 in total. 
  • Fastest cycle time: 250 µs 
  • Synchronized motion core. Number of axes: 64, 32, 16 
  • Battery-less controller 
  • One unique and synchronized cycle for local & remote I/O, EtherCAT devices and motion control 
  • Up to 63 local NX units, including Safety and IO-Link master 
  • Multi-tasking controller 
  • EtherCAT Ring topology is supported to maintain communications and control in case of a broken cable or device failure




Controller functionalityDB connection, Motion control, OPC-UA, Sequence control
Primary task cycle time0.250 ms
Program memory80 MB
Variables memory260 MB
Max. number of synchronous axes16
Max. number of axes (incl. virtual)32
Communication port(s)EtherCAT Master, EtherNet/IP, Ethernet TCP/IP
Communication option(s)EtherCAT Slave, Ethernet TCP/IP, IO-Link, Serial RS-232C, Serial RS-422, Serial RS-485
Max. number of remote I/O nodes256
I/O systemNX I/O Bus
Max. number of expansion units63


Omron motion controller NX5 Series

SKU: NX502-1300
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