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XZG1 Robot from Istanbul Dynamics


Robot Specifications:

- Fast and multipurpose Screw/Belt-driven pick and place ROBOT.

- Best features: High speed, simple construction, practical solution. 

- The product will be taken from the conveyor of the machine and put into an open box.

- Maximum Speed 1500 mm/sec => 20 Strokes/Min.



- Horizontal(X) travel area 800 mm

- Vertical(Z) movement area 600 mm

- Maximum product weight 10 Kg  

- Vacuum Gripper for 20 water cups as 4x5.

- Empty box edge opener (optional)

- Product stopper on conveyor (optional)


Used parts:

- Group of high-quality axes from Festo (Germany)

- High quality chassis (Sigma Aluminum profiles): item (Germany).

- Gearboxes: Neugart (Germany).

- Automation: Omron (Japanese), Exor (Italy), Delta (Taiwan).

- Electrical parts: Eaton (EU), Schneider (EU).

- Pneumatic: FESTO(Germany), SMC(Japanese).

- Sensors: SCIK(Germany), Omron (Japanese).

Istanbul Dynamics Linear Robot - Silver - XZG1

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