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Four Axis IRB 660

Updated: Aug 31, 2023

 Four Axis Robot IRB 660

Customers can expect a fast machine with a 3.15 meter reach and a 250 kg payload thanks to its reducing 4-axes design, making it perfect for palletizing bags, cartons, crates, bottles, and more.


  • increasing the possible work space

  • No other robot on the market combines speed, reach, and payload like the IRB 660, a specialist palletizer.

  • This incredibly quick 4-axis machine has a 3.15 meter reach and a 250 kg payload, making it perfect for palletizing bottles, bags, cartons, and other items.

  • The IRB 660 improves its model by a wide edge. Compared to rival goods, its cycle times are much shorter thanks to its optimized motor power and motion performance.

  • The new palletizer is available in two versions: a high-speed model that can move payloads of 180 kg at top speed, and a high throughput model that can move payloads of 250 kg.

linear gantry robot work

  • The robot can service up to four in-feed lines, two pallet stacks, one slip sheet stack, and four palletizing out-feed lines thanks to its outstanding reach.

  • The IRB 660 actually satisfies the requirements of nearly all palletizing applications thanks to its adaptability, reach, and handling capability.

  • The IRB 660 is simple to understand. PickMaster, the complete packing line software , and the complex IRC5 controller hold all the important features for quick, simple programming and simple operation on the shop floor.

  • Additionally, the robot's strong construction and IP 67 tightness ensure consistent performance in even the most adverse conditions. Additionally, be sure of those extended service times!

industrial robot pick and place

Main applications

  • Material handling

  • Palletizing

  • The IRB 660 is powered by IRC5 or OmniCore V250XT controllers.

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