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Types of Packaging

Updated: Aug 31, 2023

In the last decade, the packaging process has developed rapidly, and the level of awareness of people has risen, especially after the recent epidemic crisis, which has increased the demand for packaged food because they consider it safe and high-quality products

What are the types of packaging

3 level of packaging

There are several types of packaging:

Primary packaging

Primary packaging example
  • It is the packaging closest to the food and in direct contact with it.

  • It contains and protects food and facilitates its storage and distribution to ensure consumer satisfaction, such as glass bottles and plastic preservatives for products

Secondary packaging

  • It is used to protect food and facilitate its transportation.

  • The secondary envelope may contain a number of products that are wrapped in a primary packaging in order to facilitate

Secondary packaging example

their transportation and shipment during storage and distribution, and provide the consumer with information about the components of the food, the date of its production and the destination of its production, such as the cardboard boxes used to transport water bottles. or soft drinks.

Tertiary packaging

Tertiary packaging example
  • such as foam materials, sawdust, and paper scraps, which include primary and secondary packaging materials and are used to protect the wrapped material from any damage that may be caused to it.

  • Some companies rely on manpower in the secondary packaging, but relying on the human factor in such a sensitive place causes slow production.

  • As it is known, the speed of the production line is according to the slowest process in this line.

Istanbul Dynamics, which is based in Istanbul and has more than

10 years of experience in the field, offers advanced solutions in secondary packaging

using modern, fast and flexible linear robots that can be used in production lines, which increases productivity and production speed.

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